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Certified Engineers

We have a highly qualified & knowledgeable team of Electrical Engineers inventing new products with their powerful vision.


Quality Focus

Karytron is the name known for its unmatchable and phenomenal quality which gives you 100% reliability and durability.


Research & Development

The quality & the beauty of our product comes from the time which we invest in researching and testing so that a perfect product should be delivered.


Energy Effective

We have always engineered our product for the best quality and at the same time a great effort in making our products energy effective, and we have been successful in doing so.

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LT Panels for Mains & Distributions

LT Panels for Mains & Distributions

These Panels control and monitor the main supply at centralized location with protective switch gear...

Smart APFC Panels

Smart APFC Panels

Power Factor System is designed to compensate the reactive power requirement of any load or equipmen...

Power Control Center (PCC ) Panel

Power Control Center (PCC ) Panel

These are efficiently used to distribute the power to different parts of the plant /building /indust...

MCC Panels & IMCC Panels

MCC Panels & IMCC Panels

Motor Control Center (MCC) and Intelligent Motor Control Center (IMCC) which controls the motor oper...

Our Services

  • Designing, Fault Level Calculations, Harmonics Study & Thermoscanning +

    Designing of electrical substation, LT distribution system on the bases of Symtt and Unsymtt fault level calculation.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 33/11 KV Sub- Station +

    We have in house technical expertise for designing, installation, Testing and commissioning of 33/11 KV sub station.
  • Pre-commissioning of 33/11 KV Sub-Station +

    Leveraging on our experts, we have developed our expertise in pre commissioning of 33/11 KV sub stations.
  • Pre-commissioning Testing of H.T. Panel +

    We also performed various pre-commissioning testing of H.T. Panels in accordance to relevant standards.
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